Mean Well Switching Power Supply - 12VDC, 12.5A (TOL-14099)

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This is a 150W single output switching power supply from Mean Well. This power supply is extremely reliable and able to output 12VDC at 12.5A. We’ve been testing … read more

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Would you please tell me if you have a power supply with a rating 5V and 3A ?

How about something like this (it has more elbow room than 5A, although is price effective)?

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Dear Graham,

This is good but the maximum current rating of my load(Superluminiscent diode-SLED) is 3A. So, the supply should be rated at 5V and 3A (max)[0-3A). Otherwise, i have to use a circuit to limit the current.

Do you have other alternatives?


No matter which path you choose, constant current is a separate issue. Might be worth some quick research on Google for constant current drivers. The Meanwell Constant Current LED Drivers are a different product and we don’t have that one in stock. We have a few other options (would be worth starting a new topic given this topic is linked to a not-relevant product)

Hi Graham,

Thank you for the detail feedback.

To clarify more, the current is not necessarily fixed at 3A. It can be something between 0 to 3A. Though the maximum that my SLED needs is 3A, it can be run with values any current amount between 2A and 3A.

What is important is the voltage should be fixed at 5V.


Hi Taya,
If your circuit only draws 3A max, then having a power supply which can provide more than that isn’t an issue, it simply won’t draw any more power, and additional circuitry isn’t required to ‘limit’ the current.