5V 3A Dual USB Step Down Buck Converter Module (DFR0884)

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This small 8~32V to 5V 3A dual USB power step down converter supports all 5V main controllers, applicable to demanding occasions like smart home, small…

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Hiyas, would this be suitable for powering RPi4’s? I have a project where I need to power 3 x RPi4’s from a 12v 22A source and would like to see if this will be suitable?

Thanks very much!


Hi Rodney,

The official Pi 4 power supply outputs 5.1Volts at up to 3 Amps which matches the output of this buck converter module so it should work fine. This module only has two outputs however not three so you may need several to supply three Pi 4 boards.


Hi Trent,

Thanks very much, that is great news! Yes, I will order a few of those and I may also need more pi4’s soon for the cluster.

Thanks again, I will get an order in shortly.