8BitDo SN30 Pro+ Bluetooth Gamepad (G Classic Edition) (CE05643)

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This Retro GamePad from 8BitDo resembles one of our favorite Retro Gaming controllers, and feels exactly like it. The team over at 8BitDo have put countless hours into the finest details of their Retro Gaming Controllers to deliver an incredibly authentic experience, with the size of the controller, button feedback and even the D-Pad feels right!

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I was wondering if Core Electronics will be getting the Sn version of the 8BitDo SN30 Pro+? I see you have the G Classic edition, but I prefer the Sn edition if possible. I think this is the only place to get it in Australia for a reasonable price/shipping time so probably the only place to get it. Thanks!

Hey @Grant608,

I’m going to invite @Brenton2 to answer this one as he manages our catalogue.

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Hi @ Grant608,

At this stage, we’re just going ahead with the G Classic edition as its the flagship model from 8Bitdo (the SN variant faced potential delays with manufacturing so we decided just to stick with the G Classics)

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Ah cool, that makes sense. Thanks for your quick and helpful replies guys! :+1: