8Bitdo SF30 Pro Bluetooth Gamepad (CE04894)

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The SFC30 Pro is the world’s most advanced multi-purpose, wireless controller. It features dual bumpers/triggers, haptic vibration feedback, dedicated home and screenshot buttons, motion detection, clickable joysticks, as well as a standard control set.

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Does the SF30 Pro work with the SNES classic mini console?


Hi Adam,

It doesn’t work out of the box because the Classic Mini doesn’t have Bluetooth. 8Bitdo have released receivers designed to work with NES, SNES, and the NES Classic mini (which should have the same controller connector, but you’ll have to double check): https://core-electronics.com.au/search/?q=8bitdo+receiver

The other option (my favourite for these things) would be to build your own RetroPie gaming console which will allow you to play any game from any console up to PS1 era devices. The Ultimate Retro Gaming Console is the easiest way to do this as it includes 2x SF30 Pro controllers.