A DIY Laser Pointer for your Cat

Every now and then I stumble upon some projects that just make me chuckle. And well, that's half the fun when making things right? Fun, almost pointless inventions that can do stuff. Well, take a look at this project from Lucas Berbesson. It's a laser pointer module for your cat. 

With a couple of servo motors, an Arduino, a laser pointer and some code, Lucas whipped up this automatic toy for his cat. If you have ever had a laser pointer around a cat, you'll understand the beauty behind the idea here.

Take a look at it in action (mind the constant clips of him just playing with the cat)


All you need to make this project is

- 8xAA Battery Case
- Arduino Uno
- Breadboard
- Laser Diode
- Jumpwires
- 2 Servo Motors
- Arduino USB cable

And you can grab the Arduino code here.

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Makes me want to buy a cat @Aidan

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You can have ours if you like??

Nah, it keeps running away