A3213 Hall Effect Sensor (014-A3213EUA-T)

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Unlike other Hall-effect switches, either a north or south pole of sufficient strength will turn the output on; in the absence of a magnetic field, the output is off.

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Would be better to stock a hall effect sensor with more than 1mA current capability

Hi Brant,

We find that this sensor is sufficient for most digital electronics applications. Larger capacity ones are widely available if you need one for you project.

I have found the the 1mA sufficient for the microchip processor.
Using the technical data example was sufficient
Although I did have to remove a parasitic pull-down load I did not notice in my initial design.

I have encountered an issue where the Sensor I have is pole sensitive, one side triggers only with one pole and the other the opposite.
This is contrary to the data sheet ( as I understand it) and am wondering if this suggest the sensor I have is an older now superseded sensor.
The magnet I am using is the small 1/8th inch cube and is triggering with a gap less than 5mm.

Could anyone comment on their experiences?