Adafruit 0.56 4-digit 7-segment display w/i2c backpack - blue

Connected according to the instructions given on Adafruit website (0.56" 7-Segment Backpack | Adafruit LED Backpacks | Adafruit Learning System)
But I cant seem to get it up and running. Welcome for any suggestions.

This utility will allow you to scan the I2C bus for devices. If no device is found there is a problem with the I2C module or its connection. If a device is found then you can check your code is using the correct address. If that’s OK then the problem is in the display controller or the display itself.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for replying. I ran the code but comes up as no devices found. I tried A05 and A04 or the UNO as well as SCL and SDA pins. Still the same outcome. What do you reckon I am missing here ?

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SDA and SCL are just duplicates of A4 and A5. Double-check you connections (A4-Data, A5-Clock) and go over the soldering with a magnifying glass to check for solder bridges or dry joints.

Do you have any other I2C devices that you can use to test your I2C setup and confirm that the scanner sees it?

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Thank you Jeff again for all these tips,

Checked everything connections and soldering both, they all look fine. But I tried the I2C code with an Adafruit MMA8451 sensor and it gave out positive outcome. Successfully recognized the device. Do you reckon it could be the 7 segment display it self ?

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I would expect that the backpack would appear as an I2C device even if the display wasn’t working, so from the results you have so far the indication is that the fault is in the backpack. Further testing would require following the power and logic traces on the backpack, which is starting to get complicated.

Hi Devin,

Just following up on the troubleshooting you have done here and on the phone with us. I’ve sent you an email so we can proceed with getting this unit replaced as signs seem to be pointing towards a defective unit at this stage.

Thanks for the replacement Trent and Jeff for all the troubleshooting suggestion. With the new module I was able to complete my project. Thank you very much.

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Hi Devin,

Thanks for the update it’s great to know the troubleshooting got to the right result in the end and the project works!