Adafruit High Power Infrared LED Emitter - STEMMA JST PH 2mm (ADA5639)

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pew pew! This board is like a little ray gun for infrared light, with two high powered LED outputs. When controlled with the onboard N-Channel FET…

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Does this IR transmitter work with D1 Mini? The Lolin IR Tx is very weak. Hope this one can work over distance of about 4m. Thanks.



Welcome Gar!

Yeah this will work with the D1 (it features an ESP32 with a logic level of 3.3V)
Whether it works at the higher range will depend on a few factors, do you have a link to some specs to the board you have now?

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Hi Liam,

It’s good that it will work d1 mini. This is the IR board I am using now:


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