Adafruit motor shield

Hello there

I’m currently doing a project that involves running pololu 75:1 micro gear motors through an adafruit motor shield. Further down the tack, I want to stack another shield on top so I have used stacking headers to connect the shield to the Uno r3 I’m using. The Uno is being powered by the USB connection on the computer and the shield has it’s own 6v power supply. I’m using example code from the adafruit motor shield library to test it (DCMotorTest), but once it’s uploaded onto the uno nothing happens.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


Hello Nicholas,

Could you please post some photo’s of your setup if possible as it would help us identify potential causes of issue. Also, what’s the nature of the power supply you’re using? You said it was 6V but is it a wall wort or battery system? And what’s the load on the motors/maximum current able to be supplied by the power?

All the best with it! Hopefully we’ll get this sorted soon.

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Hey Bryce

Thanks for responding, we were able to get the tracks moving for a while but now we can’t seem to get it to work anymore. It looks like the soldering is the issue, but we can’t see where the issue is. before we soldered the stacking heads on we had them sitting lose through the shield and into the uno and the motors were responding, but once we soldered them it doesn’t work anymore.

For the power supply, we are using Eveready AA batteries, 4 for the motor shield and 6 for the uno . As for the maximum current to the motors I’m not too sure sorry, but we are using 75:1 micro metal gearmotor HP 6V if that helps.

The picture above shows how we were able to get the tracks moving using wires to connect the uno to the motor shield, were our soldering didn’t work. But this was very temporary as we can’t get it work anymore.

This second picture shows the soldering we did on a 2nd motor shield. When connected to the uno it could allow the uno to connect to the computer and have the DC motor test uploaded onto it, but nothing happens. We can’t see anything wrong with our soldering, so we are a little confused.

We have ordered a new adafruit motor shield, stacking heads, soldering iron, solder and solder sucker from you guys so hopefully we’ll have better luck next time.

If you guys have any further tips or tricks that would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for your time


Hi Nicholas,

That appears to be the correct assembly and all of the solder joints that I can see appear to be fine. Have you tried switching out the UNO that you’re using? Often through experimentation these parts become damaged. I’ve linked a suitable replacement for you below.

All the best with your project!