Uno Power to the motors help


New to the world of CNC and have been building a 1500x1000 CNC which has gone very well and
All connected including motors and all the wiring look great and now it come to the wire of the
CNC Shield and all the motor plugs has been wire as what I have found on the net as there is a
Lack of information on the net how to it has taken many days to find what I needed and finish
Doing the wiring BUT HERE is the problem the CNC shield is all wire and the input for each off
The motors seam to lack the power to drive the motors, and now for a two weeks trying to
Find the answer I am getting no closer so please anyone HELP
Computer is a Windows 10/64
Grbl Software has been upload to the Arduino board, which went in without any issues
Grbl version 0.9i (only on I could find) is install and runs all of without any errors and
Also, show the green bar to tell you all is good but there is no contact to the motors from
The program, when testing the wire from the X, Z, Y, A, pins there is NO power show or been
Put out and that seem to be my only problem so please if there is any one that could possible
Give me a heads up before going out to spend more money.

Computer is a Laptop Acer Windows 10/64bit
Hardware is Uno R3 (Arduino-Compatible)
Top Card is a Arduino CNC Shield V3
Software is
Arduino Ide 1.8.4 to upload GRBL stuff to the Uno R3 card which went very well and no issues loading it up.
CNC Shield V3 has been install and all connections has been done as to what can be found on the net (But here is the issues the output to each motor has no power at all)
Software to run the Arduino CNC Shield V3 Grbl 0.9i I’m still looking for version 0.9J not found yet
All cable has been check and recheck and when putting two of the motor wire together there is a hard resting taken place on the drive which to me would mean motor should be OK. Could i please ask that you do get back to me one way or the other to if your able to help please I have ask this same quested on some forum but without any joy so I’m hopping your able to help? Many thanks for taken the time to read this very bad written English note but I do come from Denmark heheh thanks

Hmm, that’s a curly one. I don’t have my hundred hours in CNC drivers, so I can only approach this with what-I-know. I’d start with ditching all the upstream software and start fault finding with my own Arduino sketches to test the Arduino CNC Shield. I’d be curious to measure the drive voltages / current / behaviors and ensure that everything is working from a low-level point of view. I’d capture any bugs / issues along the way, and engage the manufacturer of the hardware if I found clear faults.

I guess the takeaway is, keep your fault finding as low/simple as possible. Isolate a problem with clarity so you can more easily communicate what’s going on with the origin manufacturer.

Let us know how you get on!

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