Adafruit Pro Trinket LiIon/LiPoly Backpack Add-On (ADA2124)

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If you have a Pro Trinket you probably know it’s the perfect little size for a portable project. This LiPoly backpack makes it really easy to do! Instead of wiring … read more

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Excellent addition to the Pro Trinket. It will charge the battery whenever the Trinket is plugged into a USB, independent of the optional switch position. But it does have a flaw. The Done & Charge LEDs will glow when a battery is connected and there is no USB connection. This is due to reverse leakage current through two Schottky Diodes on the Pro Trinket. Removal of the Done LED solved this problem.

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Hi James,
Great pickup, thanks for sharing your info!

Would this work with the Teensy 4.1?

Hi Angus,

It could be possible. The power information for the teency 4.1 says it requires 3.6-5.5V on the VIN to power it but the Trinket backpack outputs a regulated 3.3V.

It could be possible following this modification but it is not natively designed for 3.3V.