ADS1015 ads.value range confusion

Hi - I’m using an ADS1015 with a temp sensor/thermistor. The ADC is reporting values (not voltages) in the range of 16,000. As it is a 12 bit ADC and I’m using ads.gain = 1, I expected 0-4096 … clearly I’m missing something - any idea?


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The register values are left justified within 16-bits, so that needs to be factored into your conversion code. The data sheet shows the values you can expect:

≥ +FS (2^11 – 1)/2^11    7FF0h
+FS/2^11                 0010h
0                        0000h
–FS/2^11                 FFF0h
≤ –FS                    8000h

FS is determined by the gain.

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Thank you Jeff - got it figured out!

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