Advice for setting up Raspberry Pi 4

I wanted to setup a Raspberry Pi4 which actively monitors conditions with the following sensors through an app which I am creating:

  1. Waterproof Sensor:
  2. Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor:
  3. UV Sensor:
  4. Soil Moisture Sensor:
    Would I require a breadboard? Also, would you recommend me using Raspberry Pi or Arduino


A breadboard for those devices isn’t needed, you could get away using jumper wires.

The two parts that use JST cables (last two) come with cables.

A set of M-M and F-F wires ought to be just fine for experiementing.

Thanks a lot

Something to be aware of with those sensors is that they are analogue so you will need an analogue to digital converter to get them to talk to the Raspberry Pi.

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I would suggest using a capacitive moisture sensor instead. Those ones like what you’ve got last very little due to catalytic rust.

This is one example of capacitive sensor:

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