Any good quality recording microphones for arduino?

I am looking for a microphone which can record audio at a similar quality to a newer Iphone (2018 onwards). Are there any microphones of this quality for Arduino or should I consider using an rpi board instead?
My mic budget is 50$

I would think any reasonable microphone would be as good as a phone. After all phones are primarily for speech. There are probably nearly as many types of microphone as there are phones.
Cheers Bob

any links? Ive found a couple but people in the reviews seem to frequently say that it doesnt work and all that

Hi Steven,

Personally, to ensure that you’re getting the best quality, one of the best companies I know of for audio equipment value would be Sony. Not sure what’d be the best option within that price maximum, but I’d start by taking a look on their site then work backwards to find compatibility with a Raspberry Pi. Should be plenty of Australian Suppliers. Have a Merry Christmas!

thank you, have a merry Christmas too

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however i was actually looking for a compact mic, similar to a phone not an external one. sorry for not specifying this.

Hi Steven,

Ah no worries, I’d search online for electret microphones, we supply a few, but they’re generally not at the kind of audio quality your project is going to need by the sound of it, as they’re mostly project parts rather than the kind they use in industrial applications.

could a stereo decoder with an aux input that has an aux microphone in it work as well?

I don’t see why not, but I’d check that the Pi can take the input that’s produced by the decoder (in terms of ratings, output connection type, etc) before deciding if that’s the way to go.

If you want recommendations it would probably help if we knew exactly what you want to do with this mike and it’s expected environment.
Electret mikes need power. If you chase through Core products to find some sort of data sheet you will find a little circuit showing how such power is connected.
Cheers Bob

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i want to be able to record sounds, then assign them to buttons which i can press to play the sound which i have assigned each one to. I could have these record and go into an SD and then from there to buttons. Similar to a sound board, but u can record your own sounds.

Hi Steven
I wouldn’t think that there are actual microphones designed specifically for Arduino. I believe there are little boards available which have an electret mike on them or connection points for such and provide the electret power and interface which can be used with Arduino. I don’t quite know how as I have never had any reason to do this.
There would need to be nothing special about the microphone itself. As long as you finish up with the parameters you want such as frequency response, sensitivity, output level and impedance you should be able to do what you like with it.
Cheers Bob
PS There are literally hundreds of these things out there. Depends what you regard as “good quality” Your ideas would be vastly different to say a broadcast station. Those things cost many many times more than your budget of $50. That Sony one mentioned earlier would fall into the expensive bracket I think although there is no mention of price on that link.