Arduino Errors

Hi there
Arduino all new to me : ) Need some guidance asap please on Arduino Moisture testing control system and Arduino board. What could be some errors, how to check for them and make corrections?

Hi Sam,

Seems like you need some help starting off with the project. I definitely recommend checking out this tutorial linked below. This is super helpful and gives you an idea on coding and the hardware you need.

In terms of errors, it really is sensor specific, you will only encounter them when you actually use them in your situation. Having said that, a lot of the time this doesn’t happen. If it does, definitely feel free to post another topic on our forum!

Hi Sam,

If you’re new to Arduino this may be a little advanced, but if you mean to filter data that are clearly incorrect values, or to have the sensor run an average over time to avoid sudden spikes in the data, there’s a few libraries and ways that you can design functions for your code to filter your input. If you’re interested in it let me know, and I’ll run you through the basics of setting it up and where to go from there.

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Hey Sam,

Just another quick add-on to Bryce’s reply, you have a few different options for filtering data.

The most basic of these would just be taking the average of a range of values and returning it as the actual reading. Arduino has a great tutorial about this that you can find here.

A slightly more advanced method would be utilising something like a Kalman Filter. There is a third party library for Arduino that someone has made for a simpler version of this here.

Hope this helps!