Arduino for simulator (Brisbane)

I am reaching out looking for someone to develop some software for our driving simulators.
We are based in Brisbane and are the exclusive distributor for City Car Driving simulator software.
We have 23 simulators in use around Australia and our systems are growing in popularity.

Basically we have been using Arduino’s to detect when the road car seatbelt and road car handbrakes
we fit onto our simulator frames are engaged and then the Arduino sends the prescribed code (keystroke) to the simulator software. So the real handbrake and real seatbelt replace the need to press the key assigned for each for the handbrake or seatbelt on the keyboard.

Our latest batches of arduino’s are not working and our part-time computer guru cannot solve.

He/we are keen to outsource this procedure and looking for someone to consult and build the solution.

So we are seeking to employ someone in the Brisbane region (we are based at Meadowbrook) who is experienced with Arduino’s and keen to assist.

Joel Neilsen
Managing Director
Safe Drive Training
0409 366 838

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