Arduino Master Sync and MIDI Translator Test

Master Sync Generator & MIDI Note to Speed Translator for Volca Sample

Two Modes:

Sync Mode - allows 4 different sync rates to be output using different divisors of the master rate. Some when divided into 24 produce interesting results.

MIDI Mode:

Translates Pitch to Sample Speed for Volca Sample play back

I used a Feather ESP32 and Feather MIDI wing for MIDI in/out. Didn’t enjoy using the ESP32 Feather due to the amount of mucking about I had to do to get it to work on my Mac Mini M1. I had to press the tiny buttons to enable uploads!!!


Hi John,

Always a pleasure to hear your latest creation in action :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to break out the small button on the feather to a larger button or too much hassle for something that’s only needed during setup?


I have mostly finished the programming, or there is nothing I want to add that would make it worth it.
If I was just starting I would certainly consider it. Thanks!