Arduino Midi Controller Help

Hi, I’m starting my first Arduino project, which is to build an Arduino midi controller pedal, which will send midi controls over a serial connection. Just trying to work out what Arduino (Uno or Leonardo) will be best for this use case. It will have six SPST buttons and six corresponding LEDs. I want to be able to control a guitar pedal (Line 6 HX Effects) and also my computer (running vsthost) via midi at separate times. My understanding at the moment is that the Arduino Leonardo will be better in terms of USB connection due to its class compliant chip (ATMEGA32u4), but open to any thoughts. It will only be sending Midi CC or PC messages (at least at the moment).

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That’s a great point. The Leonardo also has USB-UART bridge along with a DMA controller.
My only other thought is that when working with audio I always seem to be reaching for the pulse width modulation pins. Having lots of those on hand makes a big difference. Personally, I recently bought the Leonardo for my music applications.

Very cool idea!
Send photos and audio recordings when you’re done. :musical_note:

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