Audio controlled Xmas lighting

Has anyone looked into or has built a audio controlled Xmas light controller?
Raspberry Pi or any other system

Hey Jimmy,

Welcome, I have not built something like this but I am keen to help you out.
First, are you planning to use existing lights or are you planning to build your own?
If the former what are the specifications of the lights you are using?
Are you wanting the Pi to play the music, plug-in, or listen to the surrounding music?
That is probably enough questions to get started.

Hi Clinton
Ideally I would like to use the lights I have. What sort of lights can you build in terms of length. I’m definitely open to any suggestions.I have seen strip lighting but the down side they are not long in length but excellent variety of colour with the remote control
Currently the lights are of similar spec

  • Input: 220 - 240V~50Hz
  • Output: 30V AC 0.4A 12VA
  • Bulb rating: 3V DC 0.015W
    The music could be streamed via Bluetooth or a USB stick

Pi to play or plug in