Led light strip on rpi

Im trying to create an led projectile that shoots down the strip timed to audio and im absolutely lost any help is appreciated.

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More context would be helpful. Some examples are:

  • Do you already have a MCU selected or do you have to make a selection, or are you hoping to not use a MCU at all?
  • Do you have the light strip selected or do you have to make a selection?
  • What options are available for powering (eg, battery or mains adapter?)
  • What is your audio source?

If you already have some of the components, please provide links to the product description pages, so people will know exactly what the devices are capable of doing. What sorts of things are you comfortable doing for yourself and what sorts of things would need to be already part of the product. For instance, can you solder, can you program a MCU?

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Hi Brandon!

Welcome to the forum.
I actually just finished an audio reactive Christmas tree project so my brains in the right gear for this :slight_smile:. Happy to help.

Are you thinking of using a microprocessor or SBC for this project?
Are you wanting to listen to the world with a microphone or are you wanting to deliver the audio via an aux cord or similar?

We were answering at the same time but @Jeff105671’s questions are clearer with more focus than mine above.