Audio Play Back System

Hi My Name is Rhette, I am an audio Op who is looking to see if I can use a RasberryPi to playback 2 stereo audio Loops to alleviate me having to use and tie up 2 audio O/Ps on my notebook, I need 2 stereo Outputs . Would be nice to have Mic :Level and Line level switchable BUT will accept either or Both the ability to play WAV. Broadcast WAV. or MP3 nice but I can convert Can a RAsberryPi Do this? effectively?

Hi Rhette,

I’m sure the Pi would be up to the task!

I’d recommend a DAC as well since you’re after good-quality line-level outputs:

A few places manufacture attenuators for going from line level to mic level, could be worth a look that way to keep things simple:

As for looping, I’m still looking for a good guide, but it shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you don’t need totally seamless transitions and timing:


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I had the same problem, thanks for links