Audio streaming

Dec 19, 17:02 AEDT
I want to build an audio streaming system. The input is from an audio cable plugged into the audio jack of a TV.
The device I want to use is preferably an Arduino or Raspberry Pi. I do not mind if I have to add a board/antenna
The distance I want to send is about 20 meters. I want to be able to connect 10 or more smart phones, using wireless. I cannot use bluetooth.
I was hoping to be able to select a channel to send on.

On the reception end, I am building code for a smartphone (android & ios) that will read the stream and decode the audio, so that I imagine I will need to use a a network name, userID, password. I am not asking for any help with this part, but would be interested to know if anyone has experience in this.

Hi Russell,

That sounds like a great project, but I’d say that most of the work has already been done for you. If you do a quick google search for audio streaming with the Pi, there’s quite a few example on how to set it up.