Raspberry Pi Soundcard


I am trying to put together a ‘streambox’ to record and stream remote field recordings, and I was after some advice as to choosing a soundcard for Raspberry Pi.

I have found a variety of websites that provide some components for making a streambox system using a Raspberry Pi but I think the components are out of date now:

The main equipment listed is:
— Raspberry Pi
— Power adaptor
— Cirrus sound card (or a different soundcard)
— SD Card
— Microphones
— USB Wifi adaptor

I was wondering where to obtain a Cirrus or Wolfson sound card, and what would be involved setting one up with RPi?

Here is a link to the Soundtent workshop notes:



I’ve tried a few different sound cards options for the raspi and for both audio in and out I would recommend the ‘audio injector’ hats from flatmax studios. Unfortunately core electronics don’t stock them but would be great if they did



Unfortunately we don’t carry any sound cards for the Raspberry Pi. Is a sound card really necessary to record and stream audio? It seems to me that you should be able to use a USB microphone connected to a Raspberry Pi. The current model Raspberry Pi comes with onboard WIFI. Playing recording and streaming should be no issue for most purposes.

Let us know how it works out!