Autonomous powered wheelchair

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to build an autonomous rover by using:-2x24 V geared brushed DC motor (originally for powered wheel chair)
-Robclaw 2x30 A (had a mistake and I blowed a capacitor in it)
-pixhawk 4 flight controller come with its own power management board
I am using mission planner
I am struggling with the connection between RoboClaws,pixhawk 4 power management board and the pixhawk4 I tried these connections btw roboclaw, Pixhawk PMB and pixhawk4
1-Roboclaw (S1,S2) to 1and 2 row pins of (FMU-PWM out) of PMB and (FMU-PWM in) of PMB to I/O PWM out of pixhawk 4 -------> no signal
2-Roboclaw (S1,S2) to 1and 2 row pins of (FMU-PWM out) of PMB and (FMU-PWM in) of PMB to FMU PWM OUT of pixhawk 4 -------> no signal
3-Roboclaw (S1,S2) to B+,Ground and signal (big mistake as B+ in this case has 24V from 24V battery will cause a capacitor on Roboclaw to explode)-----> boom plus no signal

please if some one tell me how I connect these 3 guys together without damaging another item, Roboclaw 2x30 has been ordered again from core-electronic,

links to Roboclaw user guide, pixhawk 4 user guid and a picture for my project it s just for learning will not be used to move any one around :slight_smile:

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Hey Jad,

That sounds like an interesting project, it seems that you’ve selected appropriate hardware for the undertaking. Be sure to check out ArduPilot’s guides such as the one that I’ve linked below as you may find some insights for how to set up your Automated land vehicle. All the best with your project! Make sure to let us know how you go and take a look at the projects area of our site as this definitely seems like something we’d be interested in promoting :slight_smile:

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thank you Bryce, of course I will share everything when I make it work :slightly_smiling_face:

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1-Roboclaw (S1,S2) to 1and 3 row pins of (FMU-PWM out) of PMB and (FMU-PWM in) of PMB to I/O
that works, safety configuration had to be changed in ardurover.

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stopped work on that design for various reason and have revisited the design a couple of times but
never had the interest to keep going. it worked well enough on joystick but autonomous with localization never worked to well
I used motors with feed back to act as servos through chains and sprockets but there was a lots of unnecessary steering movement
and it was slow. I have since seen large models on aliexpress and also here that would made steering easier.

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