Robot build - compatibility of components

In regards to an earlier call with Stephen today, I have the following questions.

We are currently looking at purchasing the 4WD Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit (sku: SS110070012) for the chassis of a university team project. As well as powering and controlling this robot kit we would also need to power and control a robotic arm which would be placed on top of the chassis (requiring 1-2 motors and 1 stepper motor).

This robot must be operated via the Arduino platform.

With this in mind we are looking for a recommendation of an Arduino controller board and if necessary, an expansion board (hopefully available for purchase on this website) which would provide the functionality required. We would also need a battery for this system that will provide the power required (it will need to operate for about 10 minutes). For reference the arm will weigh 500g to 1kg.

If there are any other electronic components that we have missed or you suggest that we may need please let us know. Budget is not really an issue and we are very keen on purchasing from Core Electronics.


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Hi Finn,

I’ve been taking a look through our catalog, and I found a good looking platform. I haven’t used this one before personally, but it looks like a good platform to get you started that uses Arduino IDE and has all the basics baked in.

You would need an additional dual motor controller though.

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