BB8 XBEE modules

Buiding a BB8. the modules on the parts list supplied by the build Forum are now discontinued at Adafruit. Xbee Adapter Kit V1.1 this part is connected to XBee Module - Series 1 - 1mW with Wire Antenna-XB24-AWI-001
By following the links I end up at where a tutorial shows how to build a module with parts list.
question 1 Is the suggested build compatable with the “wire antenna” /
2 I believe that parts on the suggested build have now been discontinued .
Any help very much appreciated.

Hi Laurie!

That Adafruit tutorial should work with any Series 1 XBee:

There are handy USB adapters now:

If you want more XBee projects, there are some good tutorials here:

I hope that answers your questions! Don’t hesitate to ask if you need more direction, and be sure to share your finished project with us in the forums!

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the following connections need to be made as per photos.35%20am

i do not know which pins on Xbee to connect. also is a " pin connector " required .

A member of the BB8 club has suggested the following.Pro Mini FT232RL FT232 BTBee Bluetooth Bee USB to Serial IO Port Xbee Interface Adapter Module For Arduino Nano 3.3V 5V Board28%20pm


You could probably use the pro mini adapter. I think you would have the most luck by following a tutorial that uses current hardware rather than trying to adapt the Adafruit Tutorial. This tutorial uses only modern hardware so you can follow it exactly and achieve the same result.