XBEE USB Adapter V2 / XBEE Pro S3B - Won't connect to XCTU


I’ve used XCTU to connect to Digi RF Modem before with no issues.
I’m running Windows 10.
XCTU Version 6.5.4.
I’ve connected to the computer via Micro USB.
It would list a Com Port # as USB Serial or Arduino Uno (After installing Arduino IDE)
I can’t get XCTU to find the XBEE Pro S3B module.
Baud rate etc set as default.
The power light is on and the RX light flashes during the search.
I’ve installed downloaded Atmega8u and tried to install as the driver.
Does the adapter actually use Atmega16u?


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Good morning Lewis,

That’s quite unusual, I’m not sure why DFRobot said these parts are incompatible as I’ve tested them this morning and it was correctly recognized, then run successfully. I apologize for the confusion in using this board for your project, I’ve tested it with an XBee Pro S3 from our stock (linked below), I assume you’re using a similar model to this if you can please add a photo or confirm the exact model I’ll see what else I can find on compatibility, I’ve setup XCTU as seen below (it’s worth noting even with the correct drivers installed device manager will state your board is an Arduino Uno on the COM port, as the firmware on the ATMEL chip from the adapter is quite similar so this is likely a misnomer, although when running the most recent version of XCTU the board is recognized correctly)

I’ve used the two parts linked below, and I’m running:


Make sure to check this tutorial from sparkfun, the process of using the XBee boards should be almost identical between the different versions.


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Good news everyone,

We’ve resolved this issue, it turns out that the boards are compatible, but you need to use a baud rate of 57600 with the particular S3P that Lewis was using as opposed to the defaults that XCTU uses with the majority of other similar XBee devices. If there’s anything that we can do to assist from support please let us know!

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