Beginner Raspberry Pi with a Beginner Robotics Kit (Similiar)

Evening All,

New to robotics but some background in IT Troubleshooting Computers, building and tinkering with computers. Also learned Python to intermediate and continued to learn.

Basically I’ve been researching Arduinos and Raspberry Pi. I believe Arduinos are more accessible for robotics but i’m thinking long term. Using the Raspberry Pi to tinker in robotics whilst also being powerful enough to setup for software projects/ applications.

Would any guide me in the direction of a decent Raspberry Pi Kit, and a decent Robotics (Beinnger) starter Kit or the likes.

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Hi Nicholas,

I had a look, and it seems that while the Pi is a perfectly capable robotics platform, it isn’t as popular for kits. Maybe something like the below would work well to start you off until you start coming up with your own projects:

Did you have any specific projects in mind? Any wild dreams of what you want your Pi to do for you?


Thanks James,

I’ll look into these. I don’t really know yet. I’m hoping it will come to me. I enjoy the aspect that I could find and do anything with them lol. I loved building and fixing computers and Knex when I was a kid so inspiration is from there.