Best Scan Equipment for Vertical Lift and Slew

Hi, I’m looking for scanning equipment that will allow us to measure/view a column being lifted vertically and then once at height it will slew horizontally to land on top of another column.
The vertical height data needs to be visually read from the ground from within a crane cab for example. Once the component is at the correct height we need to be able to slew horizontally to align these components vertically and this alignment also needs to be read from a monitor at ground level. Thoughts? Thank you

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Your solution will depend on the precision required and the distance over which you will be lifting the column. Common sensing technologies are IR, ultrasonic and laser, but from your description IR and ultrasonic seem unsuitable. Here is an example using laser. Aiming the laser at the base of the column is likely to be a problem.

For monitoring a simple solution would be bluetooth to a mobile phone or wifi over a local network .


Hi Jeff, thanks for your message and link … I will investigate further …