Gravity: Throw-in Type Liquid Level Transmitter

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We are looking at using this device to measure the height of liquid in a septic tank.

Question 1 - What is the customer feedback regarding this sensor?

Question 2 - Is it fit for this purpose?

Question 3 - Is it accurate?

Question 4 - It looks like the sensor itself requires a separate 12-36v power supply. Is there a recommended power supply to use?

Any other advice?

Hi Clint,

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  • All of our reviews are made visible in the second tab on the product page: Reviews - Liquid level transmitter

  • I can imagine that the diaphragm of the sensor will fail chemically fail at some point, it isn’t listed as being guaranteed to work in such conditions so I would proceed with caution and be ready for it to fail much faster than it usually would when used in water.

  • The 0.5% accurate spec is a bit vague so we’ll do some more digging to see what exactly that means but if I had to guess it would be the pressure reading was ±0.5% off the real value. Ultimately to get the best result you will also need a higher resolution ADC to get the most accurate result

  • I haven’t personally used this sensor and it doesn’t look like Core have any in stock so it might be safe to go with a 12/24V supply with a bit of headroom, this one should do the trick:
    To get connected you’ll also need a female DC barrel jack adapter

It might also be worth checking out a non-contact type of sensor such as an ultrasonic sensor (the linked sensor might not be the best one for the application, for mounting in a tank you’ll have to take note of the geometry).

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Hi Liam.
Thanks for your response and the information provided.