Best Solar Panel to charge LiPo

Hi Guys, Can this 3.5W Solar Panel and this Adafruit charger effectively charge a 3.7V 6000mAh battery?

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Hi Ron!

These should all work just fine together. Just keep in mind that you are looking at a 500mAh maximum charge rate in the best conditions. It will take over 12 hours of direct sun to fully charge that battery with this setup. If your project has a small draw, and you just need it to be able to go a few days without sun then this could work great. If you expect to use 6000mAh of power overnight then you will need a bigger panel and charger.

I hope that helps. Please share your project with us in the project sections of the forum!

Thanks Stephen - exactly the response I was after. I will post details of my project/s when they are nearer completion.