Conversion of 19AH Lithium battery to solar power

Currently use a 19AH battery that lasts 5 years for us, but are seeking to to make the system do 8 times more, so are considering a solar system.

Currently we use about 0.5AH. We want the smallest solar panel connected to the smallest rechargeable battery that delivers 3.5-3.7V continuous power to a Capacitor we have.

Is the DFR0559 with solar panel and 3.7V battery able to do this?

Hi Henk,

I think that this one will probably be the best for what you are after. It will deliver the 3.7V from the battery while providing the charging circuit.

The DFR0559 will probably add too much complication, that will mean it will use more power just to operate.

Thank you Clinton

So you envisage that the 3.7V battery and also the Capacitor will be charged at the same time. FYI the Cap is to provide a bit of extra
grunt for connections to network as well as continuous power when battery is replaced.

Please suggest the largest suitable battery (Max D size) as well as the smallest suitable solar panel


Hi Henk,

The capacity of the battery will more likely depend on your application any of the single-cell 3.7V Lipo batteries with a JST connector will work great.

For the panel, I would not go below 1W, larger would give you more safety for charging but this one should work well

Thank you for this, I have received the items. Only issue is that I need to connect this to a which has an absolute max of 3.95V and I am measuring 4.1 V, is there a way to have this voltage regulated?

Hi @Henk103158

You threw a curve ball there by saying capacitor and not Super Capacitor. There are a few differences.

Just like LiPo batteries, charge protection circuits are available for super caps. You may need to do a web search for something suitable.

@Clinton does Core stock charge protection boards for Super Capacitors?

Apologies, trust Clinton can help

We sadly do not yet have a super capacitor protection circuit though I was able to find a guide for making one yourself with some zener diodes.

Thank you