Blynk, IoT to Your Smartphone

How amazing is the Internet of Things?! It just keeps growing and growing and growing! It promises the ability connect your creations to devices like your computer and smart and allow interfacing between them to do incredible things. For many people though, there is a huge hurdle with using your smartphone to communicate to platforms like Arduino, Raspbery Pi, Particle, ESP8266 etc… and that is that most people are unable to write the smartphone app they imagine in their head. Well that’s all about to change.

Blynk is born out of the goal to bridge the divide of software and hardware to allow you to create apps using a simple graphic interface which lets you monitor sensor data, control outputs, create data graphs, and heaps more. You can then turn it into a standalone app on the App Store or Google Play, with your own branding and images. Pretty cool huh?

The best thing is that it isn’t tied to a specific hardware platform, it can connect to any maker board that has an internet connection. Brands like Sparkfun have created boards specifically designed to integrate tightly with Blynk, so it’s an incredible exciting time to be alive.

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