Square Off: Automated Chess

Wacky and wonderful world that is IoT has breathed life into all areas of maker electronics, and now it’s found its way into ancient games. That’s right, IoT chess is here!

And not just any IoT chess, but a board/app combo that allows you to vs. someone anywhere in the world, and the board automatically moves the pieces for them. If you’re not convinced, take a look at their promotion video:

Yep it’s way cool, and it’s based on Arduino! Yep that means that the project is based on open-source hardware that you can do yourself. The project page can be found here and it goes through the equipment and components used to build it. The board works so well that it looks like the pieces are simply gliding across the board. It uses magnetic chess pieces and magnetic technology underneath the board to allow the pieces to move.

One of the best parts about it is that the pieces don’t collide with each other as you’d expect. Instead they move between in other in a clever way to avoid collisions. Sure you could play against someone just using an app or a computer, but it doesn’t even compare to the feeling that you get of playing on a real board, with real pieces.

Hopefully this serves as some inspiration to go and integrate the fantastic IoT sphere into existing ideas!

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