Build Your Own Acoustic Tractor Beam

Let's be real if you've ever watched Star Wars, you've probably thought of all the possibilities that would open up to you if you had your own tractor beam. The TV remote would never be out of reach, the fridge would be just a button away, and the neighbour's cat could always be put up a tree in case of an 'emergency'. Well, now your dreams can come true. Well, partially at least.

Asier Marzo is an inventor and fellow maker, and created a small but effective 'tractor beam' using acoustic energy. He uses an array of transducers to suspend small objects in the air above the array (remember that sound waves are just pressure waves). The whole thing is controlled using a small Arduino board, and features a 3D printed dome pattern to mount the transducers.

The best thing about seeing projects like this is the recyclable mentality of it. An old toy which might otherwise get thrown away into a landfill. That and it's a totally fun project for kids and adults alike, create your own synthesiser and learn a bit more about electronic music!

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