Camera display ov7670 & raspberry pi pico display on screen Macos

Hi every body ,

I need to help about my end project for my degree …
I need to capture the video stream to know if there is the presence or not of a pcb card drill.
After depending on the position of the drill on the image when its presence is captured I must be able to initialize its position.

I also need to be able to read a QR code you have to know that the camera will be fixed it will not move that’s why I could initialize the xyz position of the pcb card drill

the hardware for this part is a raspberry pi pico and an ov7670 camera module

i need to see the video stream on my mac screen for testing can you help me please

I thank you in advance and I wish you a very good day

Here are some places you could start at. There are likely a number of others.

Thank you for your answer I have already implemented what is on this video

it works
I would now like to retrieve the video stream from this camera and display it on the screen of my macOS.
Then I would like to be able to process the image in order to make a presence sensor that can tell me the presence of the drill and also read a QRcode.

I only find videos with arduino but nothing for the raspberry pi pico :pensive: