Can't set up email

I just assembled my first RaspberryPi 4b and set up what I know. I am having difficulty setting up ‘Claws Mail’. Will someone help, please?

Hey Peter,

This is the tutorial that I’ve followed when setting up Claw Mail on the Pi. It is incredibly detailed so hopefully it helps. If you need any more assistance don’t hesitate to come back!

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    Before I go anywhere near Claw Mail it occurs to me that since

Pi is based on Linux, I should be able to put a modest
distribution like Xfce or Peppermint 10 or something similar on
so I don’t have to learn yet another O/S. Is it possible?

Hey @Peter100734,

If you’re looking at using XFCE take a look at this thread. Hopefully, you shouldn’t have any problems!

Hi Gordon,

    It has been a few days since I last contacted you and my

inability to configure CLAWS email still exists as I am a stroke
victim with reduced intellectual capacity.

    My existing 3 IMAP email accounts all work on the one internet

space (ZOHO). This morning I tried to get the ZOHO tech to take
over my machine however the file he sent me to open it wouldn’t
work - ARMv7(64-bit).

    Do you know a kind soul in Sydney who would be willing and able

to help me?



    What program opens: 'Connect_arm64' ?



Hey Peter,

I’m not familiar with that program? Could you give some more info?

Zoho, my email (IMAP) ISP
sent it to me with the intention of accessing my computer (like
an exe file).

There is the “file” command to give you more information about any given file. e.g.

file Connect_arm64

If you are running the raspbian os on the RPi, then you should have a licensed version of vnc server already installed.

Your ISP just needs to use vnc viewer to be able to access your RPi.

Hey Peter,

I really have no idea on this one, I would suggest contacting Zoho directly with this.

I think the ISP uses one system and is inflexible. So that’s it.
An inconvenient but necessary workaround would be to install Mate 19.2 as on my internet facing computer. Will I then be able to access Thunderbird? I assume that the current 4Gb SD card is too small. I have a spare 32Gb SD card. Will that work?

Why not just install Thunderbird on the RPi?

sudo apt install thunderbird

That didn’t complete(I think). It ended in some errors. I am now in add/remove software. Which icon do I click on?