Capacitive tank level sensor - No wiring guide, Help please?

Interested if anyone has used/installed one of these?
I’ve been provided with capacitive tank sensor, (SEN0368)which comes packed with a cable adapter module.
This should plug to the R3 UNO board.

The sensor is marked as 5V, the cable adapter board is marked 3.3V
there is no diagram that appears relevant to this on the sen0368 product wiki at DFRobot.

Some questions:

  1. what voltage to use on the UNO board?
    2 What pins to connect the green and blue of the cable adapter on the UNO board?
    3 connection of the UNO to rasp pi?

any input to assist construction appreciated
thanks in advance

Hi Col,

I think you’re talking about the switch? You just set it to Vin in this case. The connections will depend on your code. There’s a really good code example on the DF Robot Wiki:

FYI, DFRobot products use the following colour coding convention:

So which voltage on the red section? 3.3 or 5v?

Then which pins for the green and blue?
(The R3 uni is not colour identified)

It’s not clear from the product page what 3v3 refers to, but it might just mean that the output is compatible with 3.3v devices. This output would also work just fine with a 5v device such as the UNO. Or, it might mean that the adapter board is converting the 3.3v logic for the sensor to 5v logic for the Arduino. Whatever, it is only the wiring for the Arduino that you have to be concerned with.

So the power wiring is red to the UNO VCC (or VIN if you are using it), black to the UNO GND.

The pins for green and blue are any of the digital GPIO pins. The exact ones to use will depend on what else the Arduino is connected to, and the code you are using to read the sensor (8 and 9 in the example).

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