CE04865 RTC minimum module hookup

I am using one of the CE04865 RTC modules in a Raspberry Pi but I dont have direct access to the
GPIO pins because they have all been broken out by a ribbon cable.
So the question is:- Do I really need all 10 pins as the module’s connector uses or can it be cut down to what I2C needs?
Maybe +5, +3.3, Gnd, SDA, SCL ?
Anybody used this module this way ?

It uses I2C, so you can connect it directly to the I2C interface. This will use SDA, SCL, Vcc and Gnd. The 10-pin connector is provided so that the module is adequately supported - the pins not used for I2C are then brought out for other devices. See also:
I2C with Raspberry Pi - Tutorial Australia (core-electronics.com.au)


OK thanks - I hoped that might be the answer