Ceiling Starlight driver

I’m looking to make a Starlight ceiling driver for a home cinema. I’m looking to have 4x 24v leds with a violet/purple, deep blue, cool white and warm white that switch are tied to a second light switch (to switch a power point in the ceiling like downlights or exhaust fans). Any suggestions on:

  • what types of leds I should be looking at
  • a controller where I can set the respective colours for each LED (I’m assuming RGBs would be required)?

I’m intending to 3D print the enclosure and a disc for each LED to make them twinkle tied to DC motors and a common potentiometer


Hi @Mick271811, Welcome to the Forums!!!

This sounds like a really cool project to be undertaking.
I take it you’re looking to build an LED source for a fibreoptic starlight system, correct?

If so having a look at the commercially available drivers, somewhere around 5-20W of LED’s seems to be what they use depending on how many ends there are in the system. Most seem to use around 10W for 300 stars.

The units I’ve seen used previously use Cree RGB LED’s like these ones. Though I’m not sure the best way to control higher powered LED’s like these ones.

Another option could be using an array of smaller addressable LED’s. a 8*8 array would be around 15W so should be bright enough. This could have the added benefit of being able to digitally make them flicker.

As for the housing and the disk for flicker, 3D printing might be a solid option but I would be a bit concerned that the LED’s may heat up the housing and flicker disk enough to make them start to warp. At least for the flicker disk you could look at using think sheet of aluminium (Metal from a drink can would work well).

I hope these Ideas are useful :slight_smile:


Thanks, definitely helpful. I was planning to build a heat sink into the top of the container, probably 1 per LED and use those as an access portal through the top to mount all the components.

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