Back on the LED project :D

Howdy Makers :smiley:

Another update on the LED driver board - with the release of the Pico W and a newfound obsession with Home automation I whipped up an LED panel and controller.

The 5th revision of the LED driver board (a few failed attempts at P-FET boards, I decided to pivot onto a relay).
Waiting on some niiiiice pluggable screw terminals

Scored some sweet fluorescent diffusion panels off Facebook Market place, I’ll try sanding down the front for a more defused look and some other techniques to get a more even look.+

PiicoDev makes putting a project together so quick!
The 3 knobs control R G B from top down, the RGB module displays the current colour and the button pushes the colour code to the panel. (OLED is scoped for sensors).

More on this soon :bulb:
Feel free to pop questions up!


Hey Liam,

Awesome project!!

What are the Vsense and Dsense lines for? I’d guess measuring the supply voltage with the Pico’s ADCs to make sure it isn’t working too hard?

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