Christmas Lights & Neopixels

Hey folks,

I’m sure many here have experimented and had some fun with WS281x and similar pixels for various projects. There are a ton of us that use them for Christmas lights - personally I have around 8,000 on my house.

Each year, the community runs a number of conferences (generally one in each capital city) where like minded folk come along to discuss, learn and share ideas.

I’m inviting anyone interested to please come along this year-
Sydney: 1st/2nd June
Perth: 8th June
Melbourne: 29th/30th June
Brisbane: 27th/28th July

Information about the events is on the AusChristmasLighting page - Mini Christmas expos & events | AusChristmasLighting

Note for Mods: This is not intended to drag folk away from the awesome discussions here - the folk at ACL are huge supporters of Core Electronics and you are our go-to Pi supplier! :slight_smile:
But please remove if this is not appropriate here.