CNC power supply for nema 17 motor


I have the following motor:

And the following driver:

I’ve red a lot about stepper, not sure I understood everything, but it seems that I can power this motor using any voltage I want and the actual voltage limit comes from the driver.

The driver works with 8 - 45 volts.

What I don’t understand is what is the minimum and the optimal power supply needed ?
Is a 12v 1A power supply from an old router will power it (without any load) ?
Should I buy 24v power supply ? if so, how much current should it support ? I guess there is no need for more than 2.2A as the driver can’t cope with higher current.
And If that is the case, to get the maximum torque should I look for a 45V power supply ?

I’d really appreciate if someone could clarify this things

Firstly, check the specs on the driver. I read the minimum supply to be 18V, not 8V, with a maximum of 36V, which would mean any 12V supply is not a viable option.

Most CNC machines use more than one motor. How many motors will you be running from the supply? Will they be all the same? The stepper motor you have selected isn’t very beefy. Will you be driving a spindle motor from the same supply?

Torque is controlled by the current in the stepper motor, selected by switches on the driver. The stepper motor you have selected is rated at 1A. A higher voltage power supply won’t change the current through the motor.

Is 18V a very common power supply? Perhaps 24V might be easier to source.

What voltage do you need for the CNC controller?