Stepper Motor Control build


I am looking to build a Stepper Motor Control using Arduino. I’m fairly confident on the programming side with the Arduino, but when it comes to the electronics I am pretty pretty pretty new.

This was the circuit I was hoping to build:

Basically a build that moves a stepper motor forwards and backwards. (I’m adding a platform to the motor to move things with a weight of 200g - 2kg).

And I believe these are the parts I am hunting for:

TB6600 Stepper Motor Driver
Arduino Uno R3
• Stepper Motor: Nema 23 (also possibly a 34)
• 24 Volt Power Supply (not sure which power supply I need?)
• 5 pin XLR connector female and male (to connect to stepper motor)
• Red, yellow, black wires

Was hoping to start with this project. Are you able to let me know if these parts would work together? Open to recommendations.

The tutorial I was following said you needed a 24 volt power supply to run the driver, and the motor. But wasn’t sure where to get the 24 volt power supply. Can you recommended a power supply that would work with the above Stepper Motor?

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks for taking a look!


Hi Phil,

Yes, that’s an excellent selection to get started with the project. It’d be a great idea to check the stall current of your particular motor before deciding on a power supply. But always be sure to slightly overcompensate when selecting the max current of the supply so that it’s overshooting rather than undershooting, and include fuses or circuit breakers as required. As for the wiring, I wouldn’t go any higher than 22 AWG personally, although that’ll depend on how much load you’ll be running. Be sure to check the specifications of the connections and boards, and then double check that the current is bypassing/isolated correctly across any microcontroller/s you’re using before applying power, and you should be golden. :+1:

If there’s anything else that we can do for you please let us know!

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Hey Phil,

Just thought I’d follow up Bryce’s post give you some specific product recommendations.

If you already have a DC supply, you could use one of these:

Or if you want an AC-DC converter, I’d suggest this one:

You won’t need an XLR connector unless your stepper motor has one. And FYI, the NEMA standard is a mechanical specification, mainly to do with the mounting holes of the motor. This stepper motor from makeblock will work on 24V.

Of course, you can use any voltage stepper motor you like and choose a supply and motor driver to match. I’d suggest taking a look at our stepper motors tutorial:

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Great, thanks for this information!

Brilliant, cheers for stepping through the products. I’ll take a look at them.

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No worries, glad to help!

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