Communication between XBee coordinator and nodes

Most programs for XBee are given for communication (point-to-point) between two XBee modules.
How can a XBee coordinator communicate with two or three end points to create different events for each end node?
I mean I do not see how coordinator can identify each end node? I assume not when you configuring in XCTU.

Any help is welcomed.

You may find some code snippets here…



Hi Mostafa,

I’m not a wizard with XBee but I did do a little research for you.

“Each XBee in a network plays a role. The three role options are Coordinator, End Device, and Router. Each network has exactly one Coordinator, which serves as the root of the network tree. A network can have multiple Routers; these can forward information to end devices and also run application functions. Lastly, End Devices cannot relay data, but only talk to a parent node (either a Coordinator or Router). A network can have multiple End Devices.”

Also check out this well written tutorial:

Hopefully you find your answer in there!