Xbee networking

I am working on a mini project which involves using xbees in a mesh network in a relatively small room (10x3m). I want multiple stationary Xbee’s scattered around the room to act as nodes or receivers, and have a couple smaller mobile Xbee boards which act as transmitters to transmit their data mainly RSSI to the receiver (or vice versa) and be displayed on a computer and/or phone.

I am a bit confused in which products I will need to buy for this. I am confused about needing certain devices such as which boards to get (I have looked at Arduino), and also shields?

Any help is greatly appreciated, Thanks.


It sounds like you are new to digital-type tech, welcome :slight_smile: It’s always good to start small. If you’ve never used an Arduino, then explore that first. Starter kits are a nice place to begin and will get you going in the right direction.

Use those pillars to explore Zigbee, get two devices talking and then explore the guides/hurdles as you hit them.