Components needed for taking emailing photos

I’d like to setup a camera to take 1 photo per day at our monitoring site and send it via email (8MB camera would be good) .
I was thinking of adding the IOT BIT to the Raspberry Pi Zero W Camera Kit.
Will these components do the job? Alternatively, what do I need?

Hi Robert,

The Pi Zero W Camera Kit would do the job fine. It just needs a WiFi connection to the internet.

Make a bash script such as this:

raspistill [opts] -o photo.jpg
echo "Photo taken at $ts" | mail -a photo.jpg -s PhotoCam

And use cron to schedule the task to run once a day at a certain time.

The first chapter of our Raspberry Pi Workshop covers bash scripts quite well.

The section " 3.5 SCHEDULING TASKS AND RUNNING AT STARTUP" dives into cron.

And please do share your project progress, it’d be great to see it come together!

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