Raspberry Pi Camera in Remote location

Hi, I am looking to install a Raspberry Pi and camera in a remote location.

Does anyone have any experience with setting up one of these? What Pi is best and which cellular transmitter is best? Unfortunately I am out of LoRa / SigFox range so will need maybe a Hologram particle cellular setup, or could I plug a Telstra SIM into a GPy for example?
Similar to this:

I would only be looking to receive an image once a day to monitor the water level of a trough.

Any ideas on best setup would be great.
Thanks Paul

Hi Paul,

You could use the exact parts listed in the tutorial if you like. We carry the Hologram Nova shown in the tutorial:

For the Pi, you could use a standard Pi Zero, since you would not need the Wifi and Bluetooth offered with the W. For ease of connecting to the board I generally recommend the Pi Zero WH.

Here is a good kit:

Hi Stephen, Thanks for getting back to me.

Just wondering if there are any other options I could go with to use say a Telstra BYO Sim or would this complicate the setup? I have concerns with transmitting photos with the hologram data package ($$$). I could reduce the photo size before sending correct (30kb image would be adequate)?

Work Flow example is -
Pi Cam take photo @9am —> Pi reduce file size —> transmit packet via Cellular / MMS or Email.

This can be done? (Sorry I’m a little fresh to this area)

Also any recommendations on Power / Sleepy Pi? I would be there once a week so I could change over a power pack to avoid setting up solar.

Hi Paul,

There is not a way to put the Pi into a Sleep Mode that I am aware of. They tend to be kinda power hungry devices as well. You can have an external circuit turn on the device once a day and have your program auto run at startup.

I’m not sure about other Cell network connections. Some dongle-types don’t work directly with the Pi, so be sure to do your research first!

Cellular devices are very power hungry as well. So you will likely end up needing a pretty hefty battery.

Try this:

and this:

The power boost can be switched electrically, which might be helpful. You can get a super low power circuit to switch it on once a day perhaps.