Connecting a separate 5vdc supply to GPIO

Is it possible to connect a separate 5vc input to a GPIO of a raspberry Pi 4b as an input or is it best to use a relay to separate the two systems?

Eg. XCarve to raspberry Pi to operate a 4 relay HAT that will control the router, vacuum and lightings.

I’m using python3 to do the program.

Hi Darryl,

Using a couple of power supplies in parallels can get a bit finiky especially if they are switching supplies like the ones that power the Pi’s.
Plus the GPIO isnt able to supply that much power vs how much can pass through a relay.

A relay would definitely be the way to go here! Wiring this one up would be much the same as a switch, its able to disconnect the two sides of the circuit (make sure you stay below the specced current and voltage). Be careful working with high voltages as well, they can be deadly!

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Thanks Liam.

Thought that might be best to isolate the two systems.
I’ll have the xcontroler operate the relay and use the contacts to switch the inputs to the GPIO pin.

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