Controlling a relay using a raspberry pi

Hi, I purchased a 5V Single Channel Relay Module 10A (SKU: CE05137) and am trying to get it working o a raspberry pi 3. I connected 5v from raspberry to VCC, GND to GND and GPIO 17 to IN.
I then ran a program that turned it on and off but it just comes on. I replace the relay with a LED and ran the program and the LED turned on and off as expected.
Any help please
Program is below

import time

import RPi.GPIO as GPIO

GPIO.setup(17, GPIO.OUT)
while True:
GPIO.output(17, GPIO.LOW)


GPIO.output(17, GPIO.HIGH)



Hi Nathan

I think the problem is that the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi are 3.3V and the relay requires a 5V input. The easiest way forward would be to put a logic level converter between the Pi and the Relay.